Jessica Gregg Psychotherapy | INDIVIDUAL
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It is still surprising to me when I talk with people here in Charleston who think one must be really crazy if seeking therapy. When I encounter someone with this mindset I want to say, “Actually, I see your CEO and your doctor.” (Of course I don’t say this or anything else about the usually highly successful clients I see.)


Overall the people I tend to be intelligent educated people who want to experience more satisfaction/joy/resiliency in their lives. Sometimes one will have a very specific idea of “what’s wrong” or what to focus on such as a relationship, trauma, or specific concern. Other times people feel down, unexcited about life, and just want to stop feeling that way.


One thing that many people who I see come to individual therapy feel is a sense of isolation and loneliness.


General Areas I address:


Family Dynamics




Sex therapy


Individual Session: $175 (45 min) or $200 (55 min)


**I do not accept insurance but am happy to provide a superbill for you to submit yourself.