Jessica Gregg Psychotherapy | Improving Relationships
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Challenges we experience throughout life can leave

us feeling isolated, misunderstood, and disconnected.

Jessica works with couples and individuals to improve

relationships and to grow new connections.

Improving Relationships and Creating Connections

What can we do together?

Couples Counseling

All of us want to feel loved and when we feel disconnected or stuck in a relationship it colors our entire lookout. Repairing your connection is possible—please call me to learn more about how I will help using a highly effective treatment (Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples)!

No More Depression

This is one of the deadliest diseases that we don’t like to talk about. You or your loved one needn’t suffer alone—please, let me help!

Managing Anxiety and Stress

Learn an array of new tools to release yourself from the grip of anxiety or worry that may be holding you back from enjoying life.

Building Self-Confidence

Sometimes ideas we have about ourselves that limit what we think is possible and therefore what we attempt to achieve. Together we will strengthen your belief in yourself so you can meet your goals and live your dreams.

Pleasure and Your Sex Life

What you think and feel impacts your sexual functioning. Talking about concerns you have with a therapist trained in sex therapy like I am is the first step toward a fulfilling sex life.

Moving Past Feeling Stuck

If you feel like you keep hitting a road block in your work or personal relationships then come see me so we can get you back on track.

Not Sure What Move to Make in Your Relationship?

Discernment Counseling is a form of pre-therapy that within 6 sessions helps you and your partner gain greater clarity and confidence about moving forward in couples counseling, heading for separation, or choosing to keep things as is for now.

Working Through a Break-Up

Are your friends and family tired of hearing you talk about the break-up? Sometimes this means its time to get help from a professional so you can learn how to move forward successfully in the dating scene.

Improving Parenting Skills

This is why I became a therapist—to help adults lead healthy, happy lives so they can be the best parents possible to the next generation. There is no shaming in my office about you or your parenting decisions—only help where you want it.

Transformative Healing



The clients I see are typically thoughtful, intelligent people who look good on paper and who may be experiencing personal difficulties or challenges. I specialize in helping people explore their values, communicate their needs to others, and ultimately, to live a life full of meaning and reward. My clients consistently report that working with me has allowed them to develop deeper, stronger connections in their lives.

The focus of my private practice includes couple conflict and individual anxiety, depression, and trauma all of which affect our ability to be present in the moment and to connect with others. Intimacy and sexual difficulties are additional concerns for which people see me.

I have called Kansas City, Vermont, New York City, Chapel Hill/Durham, San Francisco, and now Charleston home. My personal and professional experience in these diverse, vibrant communities has profoundly influenced my ability to create a safe and validating therapeutic environment where you will grow. Read More

In Jessica's office you will find a relaxed and welcoming space.